Year in Review... Well, a SHORT one.

Well, this will be my school year in review, at least. I don't think I did anything great or anything too earth shattering. I'm just a student trying to get through this cruel academic world. So... here it goes.

friends. I made a lot of new friends and lost some pretty good ones. I've had a pretty tough course load this past year. A lot of people understood that and a lot of people didn't. Studying was pretty much my number one priority this year since my freshmen year sucked ass. But those who I thought would be there for me until the end... well... weren't. I really felt that I had to work in order to preserve our friendship. They would always say "Oh, let's hang out sometime." I call bullshit. I told them all that and now I'm the bad guy. Oh well, what can I do?

Those friends that I did keep have been marvelous. Those friends that I made this year are worth keeping. I think I'm at the point in my life where I'm starting to find who my real friends are and who are just filling up space. People like that are not worth my time.

school. Ooooh gosh... school. The fall semester ended on a pretty medium not. Didn't do as well as I wanted and I honestly don't think that I tried my best. Around this time, I seriously considered changing my major from Biology to Advertising. So, during the Spring semester, I took an advertising class for non-majors and it was the best decision of my life.

I've raised me GPA ever so slightly from my current GPA, but hey, it was a lot better than where I used to be. I made an A, 2 Bs, and a C (fucking biology lab) so I'm pretty happy.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an appointment with the dean of the college that I wanted to transfer into and he handed me a piece of paper to fill out and signed, he shook my hand, and welcomed me to the College of Communications. I am now an Advertising major! FUCK YEAH. Fuck biology and it's ridiculousness. Seriously.

I'm ready for a new start in a new major, in a new school.

love. yeah... can we not talk about this?

the future At this point, I really don't know what the future holds for me. I can barely comprehend what's happening now let alone stuff in the future. I am taking summer classes right now to continue raising my GPA and keeping myself busy. The job market is horrible right now and I'm glad that I did not graduate this year - to all those that did, well... good luck to you. It's tough out there. I feel like I want to stay in school forever, but I know that's not possible. I have to get out there somehow. It's just where I end up that worries me.


Finals week officially started on Wednesday. I had my first test on Wednesday...

Advertising - got an 80... needed a 96 to get an A. Damn.
Chinese - I don't want to talk about this
Biology Lab

I'm so happy that I did not have two or three finals in one day. Shit. One of my friends had THREE finals. Like WTF? Damn you, UT!

The only thing about this schedule is the fact that my Biology lab final is on the LAST DAY. And I have to move out of my dorm the next day. :(

I was supposed to have a guy help my move out my stuff today, but that definitely won't happen because he works tonight at the bar on 6th street. Soooo sad. :( Manual labor = sucky.


I have discovered the power of Twitter. My goodness how addicting this little program is. Wow.

Roommate thinks I'm a bitch for not saying hi to people that walk into our room when it's clear that I acknowledge them... ooookay...
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Packing Up My Life in Boxes and Suitcases


Well, I think the thing that I hate more than packing in unpacking. I HATE having to find places to put stuff and never seeing it again. While I'm packing, however, I finding little things here and there that I forgot that I had. I acquired so many things this past year from hair products, to t-shirts, to little things here and there. It's funny discovering them and having a nice talk with the roommate of how we got this and that and what we did. Good times. IN ANY CASE. MY dorm room looks like a disaster area, like some bomb hit it because of the amount of shit there is. It's meh.

I have 5 boxes and about 3 duffles and huge suitcase. I have 4 boxes filled and I still have many things left to pack. Can't pack too much because I still have to get through finals. Then I move into my apartment for the summer, unpack, and then pack up again to move into my apartment for the fall/spring. I really can't wait to settle down when I'm older because all of this moving around is really quite annoying with the amount of stuff that I have. :/

It's really amazing how fast this year went. Year in review coming up soon.

This is what REAL Beauty Is.

This is what REAL Beauty Is.

For the new issue of French Elle, the stars on the cover and a few on the inside, I believe, did a photoshoot without makeup. ALL of them look gorgeous. I think we all need to take a hint and realize that makeup doesn't make you who you are. Every time one of my friends cakes on makeup just to go to class, I look at myself and realize that I don't have to put on makeup for people to like me - they get to see who I really am and not someone with a mask, literally. Great work to the French!

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So I thought that I had lost my iPod, which as a college student, SUCKS. I left it sitting next to me when I got up to go to my class. There's this big rush of people to get good seats and shiz. I go to look for my iPod and its gone. For an hour, I was devastated. I went back a couple of hours later and looked for it and luckily after searching around where I lost it I went to the coffee shop in the building and they had it there. THANK GOD. That's 200 something that I don't have to spend on an iPod. That really isn't the point of my story though. LOL. After obtaining my iPod from the coffee shop, I turned it on and found that it was locked. Ugh. Whatever. I unlocked it, turned it on and then realized that it was on a different screen and section than when I had left it. This person that returned my iPod went through my song list. I felt so... violated. Like someone just decided to take a peek into my life without my permission. Like what the hell? I'm a very anal person when it comes to personal space and I definitely feel like someone just violated my personal space. Thanks for returning my iPod but no thanks to the fact that you went through my iPod.

Am I overreacting?

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H'okay friends,

It is now 5:00 in the morning. I finished my 10 page paper and my Chinese assignment. I'm sofaking tired.

It's now 5:02.

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This Week

It has arrived. The week I've been dreading. I'm supposed to be writing one of my three papers, but I just took two tests back to back. I deserve at least three hours of a break. Fuck.

But here is an update of how my week is going so far... and it's only Monday. I stayed up until 4:30 and then crashed until 8:00 in the morning. I'm literally function on a few hours of sleep every day.

Biology Lab Exam
Advertising Exam
Chinese Exam

Government Mid-Term Paper (10 pages) - Due 4/07/09
300 Chinese Character Letter/Paper (the number speaks for itself) - Due 4/07/09
Biology Formal Lab Report (10 page minimum) - Due 4/8/09

After Wednesday, I am FREE!!! I'm going to buy myself a very expensive hair dryer as a reward. :]
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